Air Conditioner and Furnace Maintenance and Tune Ups in Bel Air, MD
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Bel Air, MD Air Conditioner, Boiler & Furnace Maintenance

American Heating and Cooling offers regular planned maintenance and tune-ups for furnaces, air conditioners, and boilers in the Bel Air area. Your air conditioner, gas or oil furnace, and heat pumps require regular maintenance to ensure that they run at peak efficiency and last as long as possible. Simply cleaning, lubricating, and tightening loose parts can go a long way in extending the life of the system, but our tune-ups are thorough. We offer a seasonal 18 point inspection and tune-up.

Benefits of Regular Furnace, Boiler and Air Conditioner Maintenance

You may be thinking that a maintenance plan isn’t something you need because it costs money. While that’s true on the surface, in reality a maintenance plan will save you money. One of the biggest ways you’ll save money is on your energy bills.

Save Money on your Energy Bills – When your gas or oil furnace, boiler or air Furnace filter changed during furnace tune-up in Bel Air, MD.conditioner gets an annual tune-up, it ensures that the unit is running at peak efficiency. Did you know that dirt alone can cause a furnace to lose up to 40% of its efficiency? When your system is cleaned and lubricated, parts are tightened and everything is running smoothly, you use less energy to heat and cool your home and that adds up.

Extend the Life of Your Unit – When your furnace, boiler or AC is well maintained, the parts last longer. Moving parts like fan blades, inducer motors, and blowers are less stressed and last longer individually. When each part is maintained properly, the entire system will last several years longer than a neglected system.

Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns – Most breakdowns are due to lack of maintenance. When an American technician performs a tune-up, he will catch any worn parts and replace them with your permission before they break and cause bigger problems. Avoiding breakdowns will also save you money by catching these problems while they are small before they turn into bigger, more expensive repairs.

Save Money with a Discounted Service Rate – a direct way you’ll save money as an American Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plan member is through discounted service rates. All Maintenance Plan Members receive a discount on repair service throughout the year.

Our Maintenance Plan Includes:

• Two Complete Tune-Ups per Year (one air conditioner, one furnace or boiler)
• A Full System Check
• Air Filter Replacement
• Nozzle Replacement (Boilers)
• One Pound of R22 Refrigerant (Air Conditioners)
• Discounted Rates on Additional Refrigerant ($18/lb vs. $24/lb)
• Free First Hour of Diagnostics

Call for a free estimate on becoming an American Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plan member.

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